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Removing barriers. Recognizing dignity.

Linda Dakin-Grimm is a lawyer and immigration advocate working to help ordinary people respond to immigration with deeper knowledge and meaningful action.

Linda with Julian and Brother at courthouse

About Linda

As a pro bono immigration lawyer, I know firsthand that immigration can be confusing, polarizing, and paralyzing — even for people of good will seeking to understand. I spent years in corporate law at Milbank LLP almost entirely unaware of the immigration crisis, and even more unaware that I could play a role in the problem or solution.

Now, in my work with over 75 migrant children and families, I’m passionate about bringing the local community together to help immigrants thrive. I believe we all can be part of the solution, no matter our politics, our location, or our background. As we learn immigrants’ stories and understand the dynamics that have created their situation, we can each find our role in restoring justice: at the border, in our communities, and in our own hearts.

Dignity & Justice

Dignity & Justice

Through stories of real children and families, Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Strangers at Our Border explores the issue of migration to the southern border of the United States and why it exists. Informed by her Catholic faith, Linda Dakin-Grimm presents a proposal for immigration reform and shows how ordinary people can contribute to solving this difficult and polarizing issue.

“In this intimate yet nuanced chronicle, Dakin-Grimm argues for a more egalitarian and humanitarian approach, relying on her Catholic faith and years of work representing the children who show up at America’s doorsteps to craft bold proposals for immigration reform.”

Camilo Montoya-Galvez

immigration reporter, CBS News

Liliana’s Story

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A violent fight between her mother and stepfather woke something up in Liliana. She knew that she could not continue to bluster her way through a life that involved her stepfather. She realized that she would never be safe living with him. Moreover, she knew that Honduras would not provide the resources she needed to pull herself out of this life. At just 15 years old, Liliana stuffed her few possessions into her backpack and left for the United States.


Combining powerful storytelling, thoughtful analysis, and interactive discussion, Linda makes this complex topic engaging to people of all political and spiritual backgrounds. Her extensive law background brings insight to the history and state of immigration; her religious training offers practical solutions that will bring about a true common good.

Church teaching, Scripture, and Christian reason show us there is only one response 


From Pew Research, a history of major immigration policies and how they shaped the US.

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From CBS News, a snapshot of a family’s journey through immigraiton, separation, and reunion.

CBS News

The strangers at our border don’t have to be strangers.

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